Conventional Feeds

Compound Feeds


TBA offers a full range of independently produced feeds. The companies we use pride themselves on the production of high quality diets. From their high-tech mills and use of the very best raw materials available, these high performance feeds are backed up with an excellent on farm service package.


Custom Mix Blends 


In a TMR and semi TMR situation, blends of raw materials are often required. TBA are able to offer precision blends made by specialist companies enabling a cost effective purchase of feeds.


Liquid Feeds


ED & F Man Liquid Products - The most respected national liquid feed manufacturer; their bulk molasses based liquids are second to none with products such as 'Regumaize 44' and 'Economol' heading their list of feeds.  Our high energy bespoke F1 Shine Range has protein levels of 16%, 30% and 47% and contains soya oil for extra performance.



F1 Shine Molasses 16%, 30% and 47% produced for F1 by ED & F Man Liquid Products

The F1 Molasses range of products are free flowing liquid molasses blends suitable for feeding to all classes of bovine stock and copper tolerant breeds of sheep.

This liquid feed comes in a range of protein levels – 16%, 32% and 48%. F1 Shine Molasses is a combined product of pure cane molasses, protein from Cane Molasses Solubles (CMS) and Pot Ale Syrup with added soya oil. With a high DM content, this liquid feed prodives a high sugar content, a range of proteins to suit your needs, is highly palatable with increases in intakes, milk production and milk proteins.




If you feed straights as part of your TMR or if straights make up part of your midday feeds, then our team of traders will be able to assist. Should you require any help or need a diet plan please contact TBA.


Wet Feeds


TBA can also supply Brewers Grains, Citrus Pulp and Moist Blends.  Please contact the office to find out about availability.