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TBA are constantly on the lookout for new products to help maximise yield output. Listed below you will find a selection of new feed supplements and specialist feeds as well some of the successful established products.

F1 Yeast 

TBA has been involved in the development and use of yeasts for over 15 years and has experience in selecting the correct yeast for your feed system. Whether your feeds are high starch or fibre orientated, these products work by oxygen scavenging which leads to the stimulation of fibre digestingand lactate utilising bacteria, which enables the rumen to work more efficiently. These yeasts are approved for use in Dairy, Beef and Sheep.

Typical feed rate of between 25 - 30 gms per head per day, depending on chosen product.

Mycotoxin Binders

TBA stock several Mycotoxin Binders from Yeast such as Alltechs Mycosorb A+ and Kemins Toxfin.


F1 Novatan


F1 Novatan is a natural solution made with essential oils and trace elements.


·     Increases microbial flow to the hind gut by up to 35%

·     Reduces Ammonia by up to 40% 

·     Increased milk yield

·     Less early Embryotic death


Increased fertility

F1 Super Fat 


A modern high energy supplement for dairy cows, based on refined palm fat and is rich in C16 and C18.


  • Simple and effective technique for improving ration energy density
  • Attractive aroma improves ration intake
  • Improves BF%


These two points together ensure that fresh calved dairy cows come into milk quickly and maintain a higher yield throughout their lactation.

F1 Omega Pro

Part of the F1 range desgined by TBA Ltd and LSFS, this specialist high protected protein source with bonded glucose, high vitamin E and fish oils is an excellent product which can help when DUP levels are low. With the inclusion of high quality Omega 3 oils, this product has been proven to aid in heat detection and stronger signs of bulling.

TBA Transition Rolls

Features and Benefits

  • 3kg fed gives over 2000 IU of Vitamin E per day to support the immune function
  • High Protein Diet to support neonatal growth
  • Low Potassium and High Magnesium to help combat milk fever
  • Very high quality DUP from Soya and Prairie Meal
  • Contains Availa Zinc - proven to improve hoof integrity, reduce somatic cell count and increase milk yields
  • Contains Protected Amino Acids
  • Includes Biotin - long term benefits for hoof and health and locomotion score
  • Very low DCAD

Evidence shows that dry cows supplemented with protected methionine:

  • Increases milk yield by 3.4%
  • Increases milk protein percentage by 0.18% units
  • Increases energy-corrected milk by 3.9kg/day
  • Increases milk fat yield by 0.18% kg/day
  • Reduced incidence rate of ketosis after calving
  • Improved immune function 

TBA has studies from Europe and the U.S.A. and it is of particular interest to our advisors.

Typical feed rate is 1kg per head per day.

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