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Compound Feeds

TBA Organics offers a full range of independently produced and approved organic compound feed suitable for organic and in-conversion feeding, covering the dairy, beef and sheep sectors. Our manufacturers use the very best raw materials available; these high performance feeds are backed up with an excellent on farm service package.

TBA Organics is able to offer a range of precision blends made by specialist companies enabling a cost effective purchase of feeds. Our standard range includes a full compliment of pre-prepared blends for calves, non-molassed coarse calf blends. Also heifer and beef rearers, sheep and dairy blends. Our range varies in Protein from 16% to 30%.

Custom Mix Blends – We are able to arrange for custom blends to be made to order from our straights list which can be manufactured in batches as small as 1 tonne, bagged into 25kg, 1000kg or delivered in bulk – blown or tipped.


If TMR is what you want or if straights make up part of your midday feeds, TBA Organics is pleased to offer straights on a collected or delivered basis, such as Soya (full fat and expeller), Maize meal, Sunflower expeller, Peas, Beans, Wheat, Lucerne. 


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