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Forage preservation is one of the major keys to maximizing yield from forage. Not only can these products stop waste at the clamp, but can also improve on the feed value, therefore overall performance. This is part of the TBA Organics ethos 'getting the basics right'.

Sil-All 4x4 FVA is the worlds leading silage preservative. Its unique formulation of 4 bacteria and 4 enzymes make this product the most effective product on the market. Applies over 1 million bacteria /gram/forage.

Sil-All 4x4 FVA is available as Flexible Volume Applications (FVA) and Granular.

F1 Ice Gold AK140 - An excellent contact product which combines salts and bacteria and is highly effective for stopping yeast and mould spores growing. This product is particularly good for whole crop and maize.

F1 Ice Gold AK140 is restricted for use in organic systems – please call the
 TBA Organics office for further advice.

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