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In order to make quality forages it is essential to ensure that the grass and forage crop is of the highest standard. At TBA Organics we know that quality comes first, and as such we have developed a close long term relationship with some of the top seed houses in the country.

Sinclair Mcgill Organic leys conforms to the requirements of the certification bodies and our standard range consists of 5 mixtures each containing 70% of organically grown seed, designed to cater for the requirements of most organic livestock systems. The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen plays such a crucial role in organic farming and as such our mixtures contain more clover than is found in conventional mixtures.

We are also able to provide custom mixes. For more information please call the 

Cereal Seeds 
– please contact the office for more information on the varieties of C2 wheat and barley seed we are able to offer.

Small Seeds
 – We have a limited amount of small seeds available, including stubble turnips, rape, fodder beet, maize seed and forage rye – please contact the 
office for more information.

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