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TBA Organics is constantly monitoring the availability and viability of new organically approved products to help maximise yield output in organic systems. Listed below you will find a selection of new feed supplements and specialist feeds as well some of the successful established products.

F1 Natural Yeast 
is a fully approved supplement for organic systems. Whether your feeds are high starch or fibre orientated, these products work by oxygen scavenging which leads to the stimulation of fibre digestion and lactate utilising bacteria, which enables the rumen to work more efficiently. F1 Natural Yeast is approved for use in Dairy, Beef and Sheep sectors.
Typical feed rate for dairy cows is between 22 - 30 gms per head per day, depending on DMI.

F1 Natural Mycobinder
 - This a patented product that is rich in Glucans that are known to absorb mycotoxins. Where mycotoxins have been identified, feeding this product has shown an increase in rumen and cow health resulting a further approx 1-2 litres per day.

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